Hat Rentals

TROVADOR now offers a selection of one-of-a-kind hats available to rent so you can enjoy designer headwear for a fraction of the cost. Rock one of our signature custom-made hats at your next party, rodeo, vacation, big night out, concert, or any special occasion, without the full commitment of buying it.

Custom Style Without the Commitment

Custom Hat Rental Luxury

STEP 1: Fill out a form about the size, style, material, and color for the type of hat you want to rent.

STEP 2: Schedule a time to come into our showroom in East Austin to choose your hat and pay your rental fees and deposit.

STEP 3: Turn heads and expect compliments at your concert, party, vacation or wherever your hat takes you. (Be sure to tag us in anything you post!)

STEP 4  Return your rented hat to us undamaged and get your deposit back.


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